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Moza Wireless Thumb Controller for Select Gimbals

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The Moza Wireless Thumb Controller is an intuitive remote compatible with the Moza Air, AirCross, Lite 2 Basic, Lite 2 Premium, and Lite 2 Professional gimbals. Designed to integrate with Sony, Canon, Panasonic, and Blackmagic cameras, the controller can control start/stop recording, as well as control the gimbal's movement, tuning, and calibration. For Canon EOS series, it also supports focus adjustment.

Embedded with advanced gyro/accelerometer sensors, the Moza Wireless Thumb Controller can translate the operator's hand motions into real time commands. Simply activate the motion control function and the gimbal will start to follow the motion of the Wireless Thumb Controller. The controller works up to 164' away from the gimbal so you can have one cameraman on the gimbal focusing on camera movement while the assistant cameraman uses the thumb controller to control the gimbal functions and movement.


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