Our Roots
The young but energetic husband-and-wife partners based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia started their online camera business, in 2011. They sold lens, cameras, and photography materials. What started out as a small online seller in Lowyat Forum and eBay, grew into top rated seller in Malaysia and eBay United States site within few years. With a group of loyalty customer base of photo, video and audio professional, they decided to start their very first website KengDim.
Back in few years time when online transaction was hardly could be trusted, we developed a reputation for honesty and genuine product, and the business grew by word of mouth. With the established of our new website, KengDim continued to grow into diverse and engaging company in order to serve our local and worldwide customers.
Our Guiding Principles
We are committed to providing you with extraordinary service before, during, and after your purchase from us. You are invited to call us or live chat with us where we are happy to serve and assist you every step of the way.
Our sales professionals have many years of prior experience in their respective fields. KengDim maintains a formal training department to help keep them up to date with the latest technologies and products, so that we can answer every question to your satisfaction. Our staff is at your disposal, always happy to offer advice based on experience and knowledge.
Our customers count on us to maintain ample stock of our industries' full product lines, from highly popular brands and products to obscure, hard-to-find accessories and solutions, to satisfy their diverse professions and requirements.
And finally, on our website we are committed to always providing you the fair and competitive pricing you have come to expect from KengDim.
Our Promise to You
Online, through our customer support, our goal is to support you and provide you with the best solutions for your specific professional or personal needs. Whether you are a first-time buyer or a seasoned professional customer, we are here to serve you. KengDim strives continually to give you unbiased, honest, and accurate information to help you make the right decision when purchasing from us.