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Zhiyun-Tech Smooth-X2 Smartphone Gimbal Stabilizer Combo Kit

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RM 445.00
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RM 445.00
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RM 689.00
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The Smooth-X2 Smartphone Gimbal Combo Kit from Zhiyun Tech has been redesigned to be more compact and lightweight than its predecessor, and it is even more compact with its folding design. A telescoping pole on the bottom extends approximately 10.4" in five increments to extend it away from you for high-angle or selfie shots. It can rotate 360° and allows you to position your phone horizontally or vertically for standard or portrait shots. This Combo Kit also includes a magnetic fill light, a color filter set, and a protective carry bag.
This user-friendly gimbal comes with a companion iOS/Android app which highly expands your capabilities. The app offers slow motion, time-lapse, panorama, and other creative features, and it enables you to use gesture control and track a subject automatically after getting the subject in the frame. After your phone is attached, the orientation is easily switchable at the press of a button. The integrated battery provides 1.5 hours of average runtime and even up to 3.5 hours in some applications on standby.
Key Features
Stylish Look
Smooth-X2 catches your eye not only with its stylish look but for all its capabilities. Creative bidirectional rotation, quick and easy folding down for storage, and smart filming styles let you embrace natural contours to create a beautiful blend of styles.
Aesthetic Flashing Light
The flashing lights on the body offer a new way to display the battery level.
Light, Versatile, Powerful.
With the integration of an extendable selfie stick, a rotating tripod, and an optional double-sided fill light, the Smooth-X2 can fit into any smartphone vlogging setup. The robust motor makes the gimbal compatible with just about any smartphone, so no balancing is needed.
10.4" Extendable Rod
The 10.4" telescoping rod can be adjusted for use in five increments. Stretch it out for brand new creative angles.
Rotate, Pull, Shoot
Go left, go right, or rotate 360°; the gimbal presents you with a much easier way to set up or pack up.
SmartFollow Centers the Object
Use SmartFollow to secure the spotlight on the filming people, animals, and objects at any time while mobile.
Gesture Control
Shooting has never been easier when you're by yourself or with friends. Perform one gesture in front of the smartphone and let the gimbal do the work.
Smart It Out
Use Smart Mode to generate your masterpieces with all your video clips and use the in-app templates for more creativity.
Magnetic Fill Light
The lighter but stronger phone clamp features a foldable design and comes with magnetic contact points for attaching the included fill light. The fill light has four brightness levels, and four color filters are included for different lighting situations.


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