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Avenger Long John Silver Crank-Operated Light Stand (18.7')

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🔹**The 18.7' Long John Silver Crank-Operated Light Stand**: -Largest stand offered by Avenger. -Consists of four winch-driven risers. -Supports heavy-duty light fixtures for professional productions. -Fast-acting gas pistons and foam-filled wheels ensure comfortable and consistent operation. 🔹**Powerful Crank-Operated Winch System**: -Used to lift some of the largest lights for demanding cinematic and commercial productions. -Maximum height of 224". -Supports fixtures up to 264 lb. -Gas-assisted winch mechanism raises lights quickly. -Safety clutch provides peace of mind during derigging. 🔹**Versatile and Stable Design**: -Three legs can be individually leveled. -Ensures proper weight distribution on inclined surfaces. -Built-in bubble level confirms settings. 🔹**Mobility and Transportation**: -Rugged built-in wheels for easy transport. -Equipped with foam-filled wheels instead of traditional pneumatic tires. -Avoids flats and saves time on set. -Helps navigate uneven or rocky terrain, perfect for location shooting. -Powerful brakes integrated into each wheel for optimum safety.


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