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Blackmagic Design Videohub 120x120 12G Zero-Latency Video Router

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Blackmagic Design Videohub 120x120 12G Zero-Latency Video Router Ratings: 0 - 0 votes
****Support a mix of multiple video formats using the Videohub 120x120 12G Zero-Latency Video Router from Blackmagic Design. - 12G-SDI Multi-Rate Connections - SDI Reclocking - Front-Panel Controls - Optional Hardware Control Panels - Flexible Router Control - Setup Utility and SDK - Built-In LCD - Multiple Language Support 12G-SDI Multi-Rate Connections - Multi-rate 12G-SDI connections enable you to route up to 120 different video standards at the same time. - Supports up to DCI 4K60 video resolutions. - Provides 4:2:2 8 or 10-bit color routing in any standard. - Works with 4:4:4 12-bit SDI up to DCI 4K30 for feature films. SDI Reclocking - Reclocking on every 12G-SDI input regenerates the signal, providing the maximum video quality. - Reduces or eliminates signal loss and jitter when using longer cables that can degrade the signal. Front-Panel Controls - A sleek front panel offers multiple control options. - Buttons include assignable shortcuts and In, Out, Clear, and Take buttons. - The machined metal spin knob provides precise control using an electronic clutch. Optional Hardware Control Panels - Can be used with optional hardware panels for easier control when components are spaced out in large facilities. - Compatible with both the Videohub Master Control Pro and the Videohub Smart Control Pro. Flexible Router Control - The macOS, iPad, and Windows-compatible Videohub Software Control provides easy-to-use touchscreen router control. - Each button can be customized to a router input or a router output, and it has an icon assigned to help you identify it visually. Setup Utility and SDK - Use the Videohub Setup software to get started or the SDK to add protocol support for broadcast automation systems. Built-In LCD - View your live input before routing the signal on the built-in 5" LCD screen. - Bottom labels enable you to scroll through your sources in alphabetical order. - Eliminates the need to add an external SDI monitor to your setup. Multiple Language Support - Customized support is available in: English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, German, French, Russian, Italian, Portuguese, Turkish, Polish, Ukrainian


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