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DJI Inspire 3 Drone

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****Improving upon many aspects of the Inspire 2, the DJI Inspire 3 Drone keeps up with the advancements and needs of film and television producers, allowing filmmakers to capture creative and stunning results.

- 8K X9-8K Air Gimbal

- FPV Camera

- Centimeter-Level RTK Positioning

- Waypoint Pro

- Spotlight Pro

- Omnidirectional Obstacle Avoidance

- O3 Pro

- DJI RC Plus

- Dual Control with Independent Links

- Expandable DJI PRO Ecosystem

- TB51 Dual-Battery System


- Trolly Case

- Multicamera Timecode Sync

- Dual-Antenna Orientation

8K X9-8K Air Gimbal

The heart of the Inspire 3 is the custom-built X9-8K Air gimbal that uses CineCore 3.0, DJI's latest image processing system to internally record up to 8K25 CinemaDNG video or 8K75 Apple ProRes RAW video, both meeting the needs of professional film and television productions.

FPV Camera

Doubling the DFOV of the Inspire 2 to 161°, the new 1/1.8" FPV camera lets pilots take in an ultra-wide first-person view of what the drone sees in flight.

Centimeter-Level RTK Positioning

With RTK antennas built into the Inspire 3's airframe, pilots can take advantage of centimeter-level accuracy normally utilized in architecture and surveying to use DJI Waypoint Pro to confidently fly complex routes over and over.

Waypoint Pro

This feature encompasses a wide range of settings, including Repeatable Routes and 3D Dolly, allowing filmmakers to take advantage of RTK positioning to more easily replicate and capture highly-complex scenes.

Spotlight Pro

With improved machine-learning algorithms, the Inspire 3 can use Spotlight Pro to automate subject recognition and locking for both people and vehicles with increased accuracy.

Omnidirectional Obstacle Avoidance

To help keep the Inspire 3 and bystanders safe during filming, DJI incorporates nine visual sensors to detect obstacles in all directions.

O3 Pro

O3 Pro is a generational leap in distance, video latency, and stability compared to the Inspire 2.


In addition to classic piloting controls with integrated buttons and dials, the RC Plus's 7" display works with the DJI Pilot 2 app to add a live video feed and telemetry, such as camera exposure, video specs, focal length, and gimbal angle.

Dual Control with Independent Links

Unlike Inspire 2, primary and secondary control links are not bound.

Expandable DJI PRO Ecosystem

Even with the DJI Inspire 3's impressive cinematic capabilities, pilots and gimbal operators can expand the drone's performance even more with optional DL Mount lenses and DJI PRO Ecosystem accessories and features.

TB51 Dual-Battery System

Six TB51 batteries are included with a charging hub to maximize flight time.


Capture footage on the included 1TB PROSSD drive and easily offload it to a PC with just the included USB-C data cable.

Trolly Case

Get the Inspire 3 and accessories safely to the set with the included trolly case.

Multicamera Timecode Sync

Through the 3.5mm port, you can sync timecodes between equipment in the air and on the ground.

Dual-Antenna Orientation

Front and rear built-in stacked ceramic antennas have an anti-magnetic-interference capability to improve flight accuracy and safety.


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