DJI Mic 2 Compact Digital Wireless Microphone System/Recorder for Camera & Smartphone (2.4 GHz)

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SWC Kengdim Edition 1DJMIC21TX1RXP

****Content creators of all experience levels can raise the production values of their videos, interviews, and streaming with the DJI Mic 2, an easy-to-use, truly wireless digital microphone/recorder system that offers vivid audio quality while supplying all the elements needed to capture audio from your subject to a DSLR/mirrorless camera or iOS/Android smartphone.

- Second-Generation Updates

- Wearable and Portable Microphones

- High-Quality Audio with Flexibility for Postproduction

- Reliable and Secure Wireless with Encryption

- Easy to Operate

- Vastly Compatible

Second-Generation Updates

- The new iteration of the Mic 2 features updated transmitter units with 2.4 GHz digital wireless and Bluetooth technology. 

- Bluetooth allows you to connect the transmitters to your DJI Mimo app via iOS or Android device. 

- Toggle different settings via the Mimo app like intelligent noise cancellation, which reduces environmental noise for improved vocal capture or 32-bit float audio recording.

Wearable and Portable Microphones

- For a truly wireless experience, conveniently attach the transmitter to whatever you're wearing via the integrated back clip (or by using the clip magnet) without having to wire yourself or your talent.

- Use the transmitter as a lavalier mic (no need for a separate mic), or operate it as a traditional bodypack transmitter by plugging an external lav mic (available separately).

- One furry windscreen is provided to effectively suppress wind noise while still recording clear sound.

- Enjoy 6 hours of battery life on each component for 18 hours of recording in total.

High-Quality Audio with Flexibility for Postproduction

- DJI Mic 2 allows you to record high-fidelity, professional audio by accurately reproducing tone across a wide frequency range. 

- Monitor your sound via the receiver's 3.5mm headphone output while recording.

- Safety Track mode enables you to record a secondary audio track (in mono) as a backup with a lower volume of -6 dB.

Reliable and Secure Wireless with Encryption

- Capable of recording crisp audio at distances of up to 820' using DJI's encryption technology for secure communications.

- Optimized wireless transmission system ensures a stable and reliable stream of audio, even in busy areas.

- Operates in the 2.4 GHz frequency band to avoid interference from TV and radio waves.

Easy to Operate

- Receiver features both a built-in, expanded OLED touchscreen and onboard dial for easy configuration.

- View and adjust volume, gain, and channels to find the perfect settings of your surroundings.

- Internal motor sends clear haptic feedback during key operations.

Vastly Compatible

- Insert either the Lightning or USB-C adapter into the expansion port at the bottom of the receiver and connect it to your phone.

- Use the 3.5mm TRS cable to connect the camera's 3.5mm mic connector to the receiver's 3.5mm audio-output connector and start filming on your camera.


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