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  • godox-witstro-ad-h600b-portable-flash-head-for-godox-ad600b-bowen-mount-2372-294183231-b8bb9b304feffd0ef4588a56275b3205-catalog
  • godox-witstro-ad-h600b-portable-flash-head-for-godox-ad600b-bowen-mount-2372-294183231-020bfa5a21286a5cdb11ba8e10ebf06d-catalog

GODOX WITSTRO AD-H600B Portable Flash Head for GODOX AD600B (Bowen Mount)

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GODOX WITSTRO AD-H600B Portable Flash Head for GODOX AD600B (Bowen Mount) Ratings: 0 - 0 votes

Why AD-H600 Flash Light Lamp Head is a must for your Godox AD600B AD600BM Flash?

You may get idea about the AD600B/AD600BM Flash Light is HEAVY WEIGHT, it doesn't convenient for portable outdoor photography or mount on a tripod directly.

The Heavy Weight Flash also always makes you get worried out the expensive flash drops when you mount it on a light stand tripod

Now, Godox AD-H600 Flash Light Lamp Head allows you connect the AD600B/AD600BM Flash Head and body separately, and enjoy the AD600B/AD600BM Flash all features on the body from a shoulder pocket bag (not included).


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