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Homan UHS-II SD Card V30

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****Speed ​​- 64GB Maximum reading speed: 180MB/s Maximum write:150MB/s at first glance Speed ​​- 128GB Maximum read speed: 180MB/s Maximum write:150MB/s Speed ​​- 256GB 4K RAW and above 4K Maximum reading speed: 180MB/s Maximum write:150MB/s Powerful performance, compatible with any format NYTRO Boost™ Suitable for any environment Quick burst photo capture Operating temperature -25°C to 85°C Perfect FrameTM 5 year warranty and restoration Smooth recording performance After long-term use, the lens remains intact SDXC™ | UHS-I V30 Read speeds up to 180 MB/s Write speeds up to 150 MB/s 8K ultra high definition Works with Full HD, 4K+ and RAW videos/photos Perfect Frame T™


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